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Message From Principal

It gives me great pleasure to report that we have had excellent growth with increased consultation amongst the members of the teaching staff through workshops that are aimed at making us a power house of academic excellence and provide a child friendly institution; this has lead to improved academic performance, in the year 2011 KCSE results we had an improved performance index of 9.218 up from 7.8116 in 2010 KCSE. There was an increase in quality grades. These results require to be improved upon.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the teachers and support staff for the good work done and parents for their support during the 2011 academic year. This year we have initiated workshops for the candidates to assist them focus and prepare well for the forth coming KCSE through such workshops we hope to meet our set target. We remain committed to achieving the best results and maintaining a disciplined institution.

The challenge is big but we are altogether equal to the task. On co-curricular activities, we have committed to perform well. This year the drama Club represented the school at the national level and we received three national trophies with the play “KUBENDE”. The sporting teams were able to get to provincial level with the soccer team making it to the provincials for the first time in ten years, which is a remarkable improvement. The choir members represented the school at the national festivals in Meru with a record twelve entries, the highest by any institution. This was remarkable.

Relationship with other schools is cordial and we have been able to host various schools for purposes of bench marking and using school facilities for sports or academic works. Through this, the school has remained busy, which requires the principal, teachers and staff to remain focused despite hosting many activities—curricular and co-curricular. As an institution, we have participated in international activities through school clubs and societies. Bavon Ngura, Form 3, participated in and emerged in position three in the Japanese Speech Contest. The other participant was a Form 3 South student, Hillary Shivonje , who participated in the Global Youth Leadership Conference.

It should be noted that Chavakali was the only public school participant in the Global Youth Leadership Conference in the US. . Other participants were from universities. Such international exposures should be for they are good for both students and the school community. I thank the parents for their continued support in providing the funds to complete the administration block in addition to the Area Member of Parliament, for his support for the same project through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) that has fast tracked the completion of the project, aimed to be completed in 2013.

We have installed tanks that can contain water up to 10, 000 liters. Students can now ably access water for various uses including clean drinking water. On the academic front, we have been able to introduce Art & Design as a new subject in addition to Drawing & Design and German—introduced in 2011. We hope the expanded curriculum will enable students to have a wide career choice. The school’s focus is on the student. What we do or introduce should be good for the student. We have a high regard for the student, especially for the discipline they have maintained. They remained calm whenever we had challenges and have not failed to point out areas that need improvement. Students, I thank you for that kind of openness. This year, 2012, we intend to involve all stakeholders in an interactive way by launching a website.

We hope that when it is done, parents and other stakeholders will be able to access vital information on the website and some communicated back to the school authorities. We hope to launch such information as Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) results, discipline matters, medical cases, transfers of teachers, etc., fee balances and payments, other activities especially when the school’s website www.chavakalihigh. is logged on. As an institution, Chavakali will admit the first ever-national class in January 2013. We call for your prayers as we change our status. We continue to give glory and honor to the Almighty God for his continued blessings upon the school and to every one of us. Enjoy your reading.

Thank you and God bless us all.
God, bless Chavakali High school.


FINALLY, the tour of duty of Kanako Sugai has ended. She joined Chavakali High School in May 2010 to assist in computer maintenance and repair. Miss Sugai quickly was able to interact freely with the other school members and the local community a thing that earned her local Maragoli name “Kageha”. The Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) an independent governmental agency that coordinates official development assistance (ODA) for the Government of Japan seconded Miss Sugai to Chavakali High School. She belonged to the Japan Overseas organization (JOCV) that sends volunteers all over the world, with sixty (60) of them being in Kenya working in their specialized fields of study. While at Chavakali, Sugai was involved in management of computers, ICT club and Japanese club.

Through her influence, the school received a total of twenty (20) UPS and one computer supported by JICA. She offered various lectures on computer maintenance, Anti-virus management to students and visitors to the school’s ICT Centre (NEPAD LAB). Sugai became interested in the ICT Club that included the Global Teenager Project, allowing students to communicate with other students all over the world through the internet and Skype session--one such session was with students in Canada on climatic change—organization of ICT Day where other schools would visit and benefit from what Chavakali would offer. Japanese Club was her passion; she loved to see students speak Japanese and encouraged them to take lessons outside the normal teaching time since Japanese language is not one of the foreign languages in our curriculum. Through the club, our students participated in the Kisumu Children’s festival where they excelled. Japanese language proficiency test and Japanese speech contest where Bavon Ngura was emerged position three nationally. She promoted Japanese culture and brought trainers to teach our students “karate”.

made her to follow the school teams in all activities they participated in. Her love for the school choir made her buy instruments worth One Hundred Fifty Thousand shillings (150,000.00/=) for the school to start a bass band. Through her other Japanese volunteered to donate assorted musical instruments to the music department. Through her, the school was visited by Mr. Sadao Watanabe, a famous saxophone player in the world, and he joined the student fraternity in singing the famous “Malaika” tune as he played his saxophone. The video was broadcast in Japan, giving the school publicity. Upon her departure, in July, Sugai left a number of suggestions to the school on ways to improve the ICT department. I wish to report that these suggestions are being given the attention they deserve. We shall greatly miss Miss Sugai, who was always happy and smiling. It was difficult to tell whether you had stepped on her or not. She loved her famous Kiswahili verse “Asante sana”. She bought a goat for the school named it Sugai with strict instructions it was not to be slaughtered. On behalf of the school, I wish her all the best in her future undertakings. I hope JICA and JOCV will find it worthy to second another volunteer to Chavakali High School soon. Bon voyage Sugai and God bless you.