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I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who have worked with me to make the boarding wing of the school be what it is: The Principal, deputy principal, house teachers and their assistants, prefects, students and the school workers.

Generally speaking we have had a good year various areas that still glaring, we can still identify various areas that have been outstanding. To start with, we have had the problem of water resolved. There has also been an improvement in the level, cleanliness, among the students. This can be attributed to an increased supply and vigilance by the teachers. We cannot forget to mention the efficiency in which we serve meals to our students. Serving lunch to a population of 1250 students in 25 minutes is no mean achievement. The sub-department of health has been boasted by the coming of new male nurse. He has replaced the female on who the students had raise a lot of issues with. Parents and students are advised to provide any medical documents that may make the work of the new nurse easier. We still have a number of challenges. Our school has grown both in size and status. However, the facilities have not been expanded to cope with this. As a result our dormitories are too old. We require at least a dormitory that can accommodate 400 students to solve this problem.

Secondly, our boarding section has not been connected to the generator supply with the frequent power failures, the boarding section has to do without lights even the generator is in waking up in the morning bathing and cleanliness is therefore affected. The prescription by the ministry of education on the doors and widows of the houses have posed a security challenge. As much as it ensures safely of students in times if danger, it does the opposite during the rest of the time.

The outside community take every opportunity to break into the dormitory and steal students property. It also means that the students cannot leave their property in the dormitories when school close. As we prepare ourselves for the new status as a national school, we hope we will overcome our challenges. That is why the news of a multi-storey dormitory to be started as the next project is good music in the ears of most Chavakalians.

We hope soon is sooner.

Mr Tindi Festus