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Guidance and Counselling

The department mainly deals with a broad area of educational which includes social, spiritual and moral activates. This is aimed at assisting individual students in making and carrying out adequate plans for achieving satisfactory adjustments in life.

Our department has many programs in place, and this includes: peer counseling strategy talk, foster parent programs, guiding and counseling sessions among others. In the current education system, the Ministry of Education has put a lot of emphasis on guidance and counseling in schools. We therefore call upon parents, teachers and the society as at large to take up the role of giving positive guidance to our children and not to leave it to the guidance group alone. We have noted that some parents have no time for their children and feel shy to discuss with them on emerging issues like HIV/AIDs, incest, rape, homosexuality.

We thank the outgoing guidance and counseling prefect Mugangai Collins (4N) for a job well done. We hope the incoming G and C prefect Yonney Mkote (3N) will also do a commendable job.

Thank you

Mrs. Barasa Grace
Senior Head of department
Guidance and counseling