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• Chemistry
• Biology
• Physics
• Agriculture
1. Mr. Indimuli Kahi: Chem/Physics
2. Mr. Khayati Benedict: Biology/Math
3. Ms. Tero janeoda: Chemistry/Biology
4. Kinyangi Mary: Biology/Math
5. Mr. Isigi Fredrick: Chemistry
6. MR. Opuka Edwin: Biology/Chemistry
7. Mr. Mukabana Said: Math/physics
8. Ms. Kimiywe Fridah: Biology/Agriculture
9. Mr. Ambula Jackson: Physics/Chemistry
10. Mrs. Mavia Sheila: Biology/Agriculture
11. Mr. Isoka Stanley: Chemistry/Math
12. Juma Gaudencia: Chemistry/Biology
13. Mr. Odero Silah: Physics/computer
14. Mr. Olala Patrick: Physics/wood tech
15. Miss Vihenda Faith: Physics/Maths
16. Mr. Kasi Jotham: Biology/Agriculture
17. Mr. Njagi Johnson: Biology/Agriculture
18. Mrs. Aradi Audrey: Maths/Chemistry
19. Mr. Muhatia: Physics/Math

Science consists of the following
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Physics
• Agriculture

The department has a teaching staff of nineteen teachers. Most of them teach one or two subjects. The department has been characterized by a lot of teamwork, professionalism and dynamism aimed at keeping the students abreast with new developments in the world of science and various fields of career. Young scientists have been encouraged to be IT compliant and integrate the skills in their learning of science.

The intensive collaborative programs with other institutions of learning in symposia, science congress and visits to bench mark with other institutions perceived to be better performers, has also opened a wide scope of learning and networking aimed at enhancing students chances in various fields after high school education. Such as activities have also been noted to change the learned attitude towards sciences, which were once perceived to be difficult.

The department aims at producing citizens of high integrity and professional qualifications especially in various fields of science to enable Kenya achieve its vision 2030 and curb most of the challenges facing third world countries including food shortage, disease prevalence, lack of sufficient shelter among others. KCSE performance 2010 and 2011

KCSE performance 2010 and 2011
Subject 2010 2011 DEVIATION
BIOLOGY 7.9083 9.1096 B
5.9127 7.7260 BAGRICULTURE
7.9041 10.3333 B+

The remarkable improvement is attributed to the support the department gets from the school administration, parents and teams. Students have also been a source of inspiration to
the department. The department appreciates the students’ determination.