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The department of Mathematics has a staff of twelve members as named here:

1. Mr. Indire Enock
2. Mr. Mukabana Said
3. Mr. Joab Mudevi
4. Mr. Benedict Khayati
5. Mr. Stanley Isoka
6. Mr. Ronald Mutange
7. Mrs. Rebecca Siang’a
8. Mrs. Audrey Aradi
9. Miss. Faith Vihenda
10. Mr. Peter Lukamo
11. Mr. Dominic Muhatia
12. Mrs. Irene W. Litu

At the beginning of the year 2012, Mr. Gabriel Angule who had been a member of the department was transferred to another station. At the same time Mr. Dominic Muhatia joined the department. In June 2012 Mrs. Irene Wandia Litu also joined the department after employment by the T.S.C. I take this opportunity to wish Mr. Angule well in his new station. I also wish to welcome Mr. Muhatia and Mrs. Litu into the department and hope that they will feel at home among the other members.

May I also take this opportunity to commend the teachers for the tireless efforts they have exerted in order to make sure the department runs smoothly. Last year the department had targeted a mean score of 7.6798 for the KCSE candidates. However, we only managed to achieve a mean score of 6.2707. Though we did not meet our target, there was an overall improvement from the mean score of 6.2707 2010. I therefore would like to cheer the teachers and urge teachers to aim higher in the spirit of the school motto “Strive for Excellence”. I believe that with persistence and consistence wewill eventually meet our target.
This year, 2012, our target for the KCSE candidate is a mean score of 8.0. I beseech the members of the department to enhance the teamwork that already exists in the department to nurture and guard it jealously for with unity anything can be achieved. On June 9th 2012, we hosted the Annual Chavakali Mathematics Contest. Although there were other several contests in schools around us, thirteen schools attended and we had a successful Mathematics Day. Congratulations to the teachers who helped in the preparation and the administration of the contest. I also commend the schools that attended.

I would also like to thank the school principal for giving us the support we needed during the preparation and even the administration of the contest. I also thank the principal for enabling us to attend the contest at St. Mary’s, Yala School.

On the part of the students, I commend those who took part in the contests. The purpose of contests is for students to learn from others and institutions. It is my hope that the performance displayed by our students has served as an impetus to catapult us to better performance. I also hope that we have learnt from others whose performance was better than ours.
For the rest of the teachers, I would like to say “Mathematics can be done and can be enjoyed”. If a student follows the instructions given by his teachers, there is no obstacle that can deter him from performing well in Mathematics. Only never give up. Keep on striving. Remember that if you expect to perform well without ‘striving’ you will be disappointed. Although this article is for general reading, it mostly targets the student, the whole idea of the existence of a school is for the student to be equipped for life. Teachers, parents and other stake holders are only facilitators for the student’s sake. The student must therefore show that he knows that he should be spearheading the onslaught on ignorance. I therefore hope that every student will take charge of his destiny without waiting passively for other people to determine his future for him.

I wish everyone wellspeed as we strive to establish the excellence of Mathematics in the school.