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English and Library Services

Chavakali High School is an oasis of knowledge, which learners and teachers cannot afford to miss. English being a core subject in 8.4.4 curriculum has a lot of value in terms of career choice. At Chavakali the department has put in a lot to ensure that students are not disadvantaged in life.

This has been achieved through benchmarking with other competitive schools. We had a chance to host an Annual English Contest early this year. We have also involved ourselves in joint examinations with schools such as Lwak Girls, Ngiya Girls and St. Mary’s Yala, Kisumu Girls, Homabay Girls Mukumu Girls, Mukumu Boys and St. Peter’s Seminary.

English is actually the cornerstone of Chavakali in terms of performance. Last year despite the drop in performance of English in KCSE.our school recorded an improved mean score of 9.o51 up from 8.59 in 2011. This year we target to achieve a mean of 9.5. We hope that with continued support from teachers and students, we shall achieve great success as a department.

Members of department are the following:

1. Ms Ateya Hellen Lorraine-HOD.
2. Ms. Ahono Sophie-HOS.
3. Mr. Likuyani Eric
4. Mr. Tindi Festus
5. Mr Lubia Stephen
6. Mr. Walumbe Brian
7. Mrs. Ogweno Judith
8. Mr. Mwiluki Evans
9. Ms Simiyu Hellen
10. Ms Mudome Nancy
11. Ms Kasaya Marion
10. Mr Liginu Nickson

Besides the teaching staff, we have three librarians; Eunice Mugazia who is charge of the e-library and Humphrey Kahi and Phyllis Kayesi in charge of the junior library. Together we form a formidable team which is committee towards ensuring that we post good results year in year out for the sky is our limit.

Ms Ateya Hellen Lorraine - HOD ENG DEPARTMENT