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Music in Chavakali High School has a long history. It started in 1968 to date. It’s growing from strength to strength. Currently it enjoys a staff of 3 teachers, which was augmented
by the entry of Mr. Ndonga James in end of March 2012. The teachers are:-

Mr. Mulekano D. A-H.O.S
Mr. Lawrence O/ Lihasi
Mr. Ndong’a James

Involvement of student in the music classes is also encouraging. The decision by the school administration to allow East and South to take music in addition to the West and Central
streams a big boost to our current involvement of 50 learners in the entire form one class. Involvement in all the forms is as indicated : F1 -50, F2-30, F3-10, F4-09. We encourage more in
form 1 and 2 take music in form 3 and 4.

Music was a lucky beneficiary of a donation of orchestral instruments form Kanako Sugai- A Japanese lady. Through her, wealso go a further donation from her friends of the instruments
is as follows: 2 accordions, 4 wooden Zylphones, I glokenspirel, 6 alt recorders, 2 tenor recorders, 4 descard recorders and 8 melodicas. Learners should take advantage of opportunity to learn these instruments.

Performance in must has been generally good. Special mention should be made of the following years when the performance was exemplary-- •2008- Mean score 11.25 •2007- Mean Score
10.250 •2010-Mean Score 9.700

This is a clear indication that our candidates can post good results if they put in the required effort.e would like to appreciate the support we continue to get from the school administration
and promise to reciprocate by putting in our best ability.