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Art and Design


Art is both a means to an end and an end itself. As a means it refers to the process of creating an artwork like painting and as an end it is the product like a painted image.
Art can simply be defined as the imaginative transformation of thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions and experiences into visual images. In other words, the creation of things that have beauty and form. Design, on the other hand is a road map or a strategic approach for achievement of specific outcomes. Therefore art and design as a subject looks into the thought process of creating beautiful objects.


It is said that everything is art and art is everything. Just take time to look around and you will justify the above statement. Art and design encompasses many creative areas like painting, drawing, ceramics, graphic design, landscaping, fabric decoration, printmaking, interior design, sculpturing, weaving,ornaments etc. For this reason,


Art as a subject has various career opportunities including teaching, advertisement and marketing, graphic designing, fashion designing, TV/Video/Film production.
It should be noted that Art and Design gives an edge for students taking architectural design.

Art and design relies on creativity of students and as one great Artist Vincent Van Gogol, once said, “I am always trying to do that which I cannot do so that I may learn how to do it.” To be creative student one needs to be curious, inquisitive, humorous, flexible, independent and observant.


Art plays an important role in society: Educational purpose, religious purpose, marketing and advertisement, environmental aesthetics, culture preservation and commemoration. Art is necessary for the students as it helps in the holistic development of an individual. Art helps build self-esteem, enhances creativity and critical and divergent thinking, promotes one’s culture, creates both utilitarian and aesthetic objects, instills social values, helps in relaxing and enjoying, and, above all, it leads to self-reliance.

I want to sincerely thank the Chavakalians for the introduction of the subject. The growth of the subject t will require the support of all the stakeholders. Though challenging in terms of resources, I have the strong believe that Art and design will be one of the top subjects in Chavakali. As a new subject introduced this year we have an enrollment of 39 form one students and 45 form two students.

Thank you.
Mr. Luvayi, HOS, ART.