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Message From the Chaplain

Message from
IT is another opportune time to share what we have in the school spiritual realm with all those who are very close to the desire of reading and want to know the will of God regarding the school.
To all of you, I say thank you! To mostly our God, thank you!
The spiritual guidance and counseling is under-taken by the main Guidance and Counseling department. It works hand in hand with the Christian Union (CU) movement and touches the church deliverance, catecuminal and many other pastoral ministries.
The Church in school has ministers: Mr. Tsuma Beautta, C.U patron, Mrs. Agesa, secretary, Mrs. Walindi, member, Mrs. Sophie Maningi, member, Mr. Isoka, member and Hosea Sabwa, pastor/chaplain. Its service has gone at a reasonable level where we have had a positive spiritual transformation in the boys and other community members and has also responded positively in the discipline of the boys and therefore reflecting good results in the future.
Our thanks go to the head of the institution, Mr. Indimuli Kahi, for structuring this department, and therefore allowing us time for facilitating for our success and
the sponsor, The Chavakali Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers) has created a conducive environment by contributing in prayers unceasingly and providing other practical applications--the services through the school chaplain who has not given up in thanking the school administration for good terms there are with the sponsor church.
The success of our school is not accidental but aggrandized through several agencies in spiritual realm:
1). The Home
This is where the first church begins and grows into society’s primary and most basic education agency.
Parents are the first and most influential teacher and have the responsibility to reflect God’s character to the young people.
The familial settings shape the values attitude and world view of the young people who parents forward to the secondary education hands with a formular from parent hand.
The church and school, along with societies and other educational agencies, build on and therefore supplement the parents’ efforts from their homes. This becomes a challenge to the spiritual services in our school.
The local church as an agency.
The local church also has a major work in the lifelong education enterprise.
As the pastor works to bring souls to the Lord depends on what has been built in the child by the local church-- what it means by genuine spiritual life.
The spiritual congregation as a community of faith gives an atmosphere of acceptance and love in which it disciplines those under its sphere of influence in a personal faith in Jesus Christ and growing understanding in God’s word. This understanding counts both on intellectual aspect and a life basingto God’s will.
The spiritual group is to ensure the greatest need of the student in accepting God, especially in Christian values and services.
The work of spiritual group is to relate the academic values and spiritual values for the young ones to reach the potential spiritual, mental, physical, social and vocational development preparing the students for a life service to their future family, church and how to socialize in big communities. The spiritual development focuses on key components in the life of people in school.
(A). The student
As a child of God the student is the primary focus of the entire educational effort and should therefore be accepted in order for them to fulfill God’s purpose in them.
(B). Teacher
He holds a central place of importance Ideally and therefore he/she should be a committed christian or man of God and also to be the role model of the christian grace and professional competence and then this department ensures this takes place and also ensures the reach of experiential, emotional, intuitive, relational and spiritual elements.
(C). The curriculum
The group through God’s had promotes academic excellence to have a responsible citizen in a given culture; that goes together with spiritual insight that informs christian living and build society and entire communities.
(D). The instruction
The institutional methodology will actively engage the needs and abilities of each student giving opportunity to put what is learned into practice and be appropriate to discipline and to the culture. And it is through spiritual teachings and counseling this can be achieved.
(E). Discipline
Discipline in school is founded upon the need to restore the image of God in each student and recognize the freedom of God’s will and work of the Holy Spirit.
Therefore the main purpose of the church of Christ is to be in place maintaining academic excellence in all teaching and learning activities and therefore Chavakali remains the environment where students can understand God’s will and remain committed to God in the joy of helping others.
The place remains the environment of physical, mental, social, emotional development continue as parents praying for the school especially for those who have been departed by their parents.
Please as God continues to bless you, bless also others through the Endowment Fund Account No. 1121876056 for the needy boys in our school
Yours in service
Pst. Hosea Sabwa