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Message from Deputy Principal

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Chavakalians for a job well done. The school has continued to make strides in the positive direction in all disciplines. The school has
improved in academic performance from a mean of 7.8 in 2010 to 9.2 in 2011. Infrastructure has been improved and the environment is conducive for learning. The school is competitive in
co-curriculum activities as well. The discipline of the boys has tremendously improved and we call upon the student’s body to uphold values that will ensure Chavakali remains the destination of choice.
However, I call upon every stakeholders to play their rightful roles to ensure that Chavakali is a model school. I call upon parents to advise their children on good morals so as to resist peer pressure that would lead them to go against the school’s set values. The students should begin to see themselves the way God sees them. This comes with immense benefits to their lives and the people around them. When they discover and align their perception with God’s, they will rise above adversity, realize happiness and live a productive, fulfilling and enjoyable
life in Chavakali National School.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the parents, the BOG, P.T.A., teachers, non teaching staff, students, the community and all stake holders for providing an enabling environment to bring Chavakali to the level where it is now. It is my prayer that even more effort is put into take it to the next level,“National Status,” and join the league of elite schools in the Republic. God bless Chavakali and God bless all of us.

Mr. Mudevi Joab,
Deputy Principal.