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Message From BOG

On behalf of the chairman, the Board of Governors of Chavakali High School, Professor Indangasi, and all members, I wish to congratulate the principal, Mr. Indimuli Kahi, teachers, students,
Support staff, parents, stakeholders and all wellwishers of the school for steering the school in the right direction. My high regards go to the sponsor, The Chavakali Yearly Meeting of Friends
(Quakers), through the school Chaplain, Mr. Hosea Isabwa, for providing the much needed spiritual nourishment and good leadership and direction to the entire Chavakali family.

Before I can explain myself, may I specially commend the parents of the school for their concerted efforts in supporting the school. From their efforts and determination it is clear they are set for education—the core purpose of the school. The parents’ support is exemplified by timely fees payment that has forestalled the disruptive nature of sending students away for fees and
other upkeep requirements.

This has conveniently enabled the school embark on and complete its both academic and physical programmes as may be scheduled. This also to the Board means that we are only
left with the simple task of developing good plans and programmes that are beginning to show in excellent results as witnessed in the 2011 KCSE results. Moreover, prompt fees payment
is not only important as an end but also as a means to realizing all these plans—academic programmes are completed within the time frame and in the quality as expected by all students if not to some; the school mean score is uniformly achieved with easy. It may appear simple, but the effects of paying fees ahead of or on time is a major motivator to all of us and especially the teacher, who like the parents, wants all their children on the meal table

Now, may I turn to the purpose for which I am involved with the school. The Infrastructure Committee of which I chair is responsible for the development, maintenance and security of
all physical facilities in the school. These include buildings and fixtures, etc. During my tenure, which is till on for some time to come, major rehabilitations have been carried out on Forms I and II classrooms early this year (2012), repairing of worn out floors, replacement of window panes to classrooms, and fixing of falling ceiling boards and painting of several buildings, including the upcoming administration block, have been successfully done.

Other major rehabilitations are however still necessary to the boarding section and will be implemented when funds become available. A new dormitory is needed to cater for the
growing student populations. The ICT Centre will in the meantime be moved to a revamped space in the modern administration block. Once this is done, the centre will assume new standards of an exhibition center to all other institutions in the county.

Despite all the good intentions of the board and the school administration, there are still challenges to be tackled. There will always be negative attitudes amongst us. Nevertheless, to all people of good intentions, remain steady. There is also the question of scarcity— funds, resources, etc. Our land is shrinking and so physical development will greatly be constrained in the future as now coupled with the high costs of development. Finally, as you are aware or should be in the know, our school acquired national status. It is important that this should not just remain in name but in actions also. It is important to align our programmes and plans to suit this national face. Though academic performance is our principal motivator, it is still our greatest challenge also. There is no worst disgrace as rising and falling. It is better never to start. Let us keep up the 2011 trend.

To realize our full development and potential everyone must embrace teamwork. High discipline among students is causal to all other actions and expectations toward Vision 2030 to which the teacher is central. Thank you, and keep on thanking

Mr. Philip Lumwamu
Chairman,Infrastructure Committee.