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About Us

Chavakali High School is a brain child of Chavakali Friends Mission which was established in 1910 by Yohana Amgune. This came as a result of spread of Quaker expansion which had started in Kaimosi in 192**. This mission station moved from another mission station in Vihiga.

Chakavali Mission was made up of devoted Quakers who shared the same belief and lived as sisters and brothers and established as Friends Church which changed into monthly meeting in 1921. They started “A” school of their children in 1919. The teacher was Yohana Amgune. The “A” school grew into “B” school in 1928 whose teachers were Reuben Kagai, Japeth Chunguli and Erasto Gidali. This was in line with the same established in Vihiga, Musingu, Lugulu, Lirhanda, Malava and Kaimosi by Quakers. “C” Schools were at the same time established in Kaimosi, Maseno and Kima. In 1950; Chavakali School grew and became intermediate school. Mr. Matayo Simidi was appointed the first principal. It was taken over later by Andrew Mukulu as the principal.

Quakers had a vision in education. As Chavakali performed well, they started thinking of establishing secondary school. A committee was set up to make plans to establish a secondary school in Chavakali. The committee was chaired by an educationalist Luseno Avugwi. Other Quakers were: Hezekiah Lubang’a and Chief Matayo Mwenesi. It was decided a school to start on harambeee basis and every community house hold to pay Kshs. 12.50/=. This was done by Margoli people. Other neighbours didn’t cooperate except those in Lusiola and Shiveye area.

In 1959, Chavakali High School started under Andrew Mukuli as the principal. The school under the sponsorship of the Quakers offered industrial education for instance Wood work and Agriculture. In 1960, a Quaker missionary called Kimbo became the principal. With the assistance of the American Quakers under the sponsorship of Yohana Amgune, two teacher’s houses, two workshops for wood work and Agriculture were put up. The American Quakers provided the staff and equipment. The compliments go to our founding fathers mentioned and all the Quakers both local and American for the establishment and growth of Chavakali High School